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A Therapeutic Approach to my Services

 My therapeutic approach coaches you to optimal health using Yoga Therapy, Pilates and Sound as a Complimentary Therapy.


During my 20 years as a Paramedic I have witnessed some of the amazing effects of life saving drugs and surgery within the NHS.  I also noticed a growing population becoming more dependant on pharmaceuticals. Many patients had been prescribed drugs without the opportunity to talk to their Health Professional about lifestyle habits that could be changed to improve their general health or illness.


As I noticed the health benefits from regular Yoga practice, I began study the Science behind Yoga and a healthy lifestyle to improve chronic health conditions. I soon learned that although medication is an option, there is an integrative approach that can lead patients towards recovery with particular focus on the four core pillars for health, "movement, mindfulness, diet and sleep", for example, Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by an extremely low-calorie diet rather than regular medication, and mental health significantly improves with regular movement, mindfulness, a good diet and restful sleep. 

Through studying Yoga Therapy it became apparent that Yoga was not just a series of movements for physical strength and balance, but a way of life that lead to strong mental wellbeing, emotional balance, and a way of releasing any mental and physical tensions that can hold us back from creativity, confidence and optimal health.

I draw knowledge from my Yoga teachings, Pilates Teachings, my Medical Degree, my NHS Paramedic role on the Ambulance and within a Mental Health team, my Counselling and Sports Psychology training and my own personal healing journey.

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Reasons to choose Solihull Yoga

Fully qualified Yoga Teacher and Therapist, Pilates Teacher, Counselling level 2 and Sports Psychology CTAA Accredited.

HCPC Registered Health professional 

Grateful Reviews on improved mental and physical health

Personalised Plans unique to you with the option of hands on sympathetic adjustments

Specialist teacher for Beginners and Equestrains

A therapeutic and holistic approach for optimum health.

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