Yoga Therapy

The discovery of Yoga Therapy?

During my 20 years as a Paramedic I have witnessed some of the amazing effects of life saving drugs and surgery, I also witnessed a growing population becoming more dependant on pharmaceuticals. Many patients had been prescribed drugs without the opportunity to talk to their General Practitioner about lifestyle habits that could be changed to improve their general health or illness. I also witnessed a growing problem of poor mental health, I saw this first hand working as part of a Mental Health team within the NHS.


As I saw the many benefits Yoga was giving to people I began study the Science behind Yoga and a healthy lifestyle to improve health conditions, for example, did you know that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by an extremely low-calorie diet rather than regular medication?  I soon learned that although medication is an option, there is an integrative approach that can lead patients towards recovery with particular focus on the four core pillars for health, "movement, mindfulness, diet and sleep".

Through my Yoga Therapy I saw how Yoga could lead to strong mental and physical wellbeing, balance for both mind and body, and a way to release mental and physical tension that can hold us back from optimal health. Yoga practices such as Breathwork and Irest Yoga Nidra empower individuals to tap into their own natural healthy hormones, feel better and remain emotionally regulated under pressure. My Yoga Therapy techniques can help you release tension from the body and mind allowing room for emotional regulation, balance, and calm to be present. 

I draw knowledge from my medical degree, my work as a Paramedic, my healing journey from personal traumas and my Yoga teachings.  My approach is relaxed and encourages you to find the strength within you to heal yourself using Yoga as a complimentary therapy. 

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