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Parent and Child Yoga

Yoga introduces children to movement, mindfulness and meditation, it encourages them to be in tune with themselves and their feelings and find out what makes them happy.

Yoga has a wealth of benefits for a childs mental and physical health, when practicing Yoga children become physically fitter, gain flexibility and build more confidence. Parent and child Yoga can give families the opportunity to forget about phones, devices and social media, as parents reinforce the message that personal interaction is more important than interaction on a device.

Through Yoga children learn to connect to themselves, giving them valuable life long skills connecting to others, encouraging balanced relationships in adult life.

The soul is nourished when parents and children laugh together, parent-child yoga is the perfect opportunity for fun, and by engaging in yoga, parents demonstrate the importance of fun, laughter, mental and physical health.

Parent and child Yoga is the same price as for an individual and is 60 minutes per session.

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