Hatha and Flow Yoga

Updated: May 25

In Hatha practice we focus on mindfully integrating movement with breath. This practice suits those who prefer a slower, deeper practice, and is ideal for beginners. We focus on moving into shapes, connecting to our breath and holding poses. In Flow Yoga we practice these poses at a faster pace in a flowing style, including Triangle and Warrior sequences and Sun Salutations. This style of practice is also known as 'Vinyassa' Yoga, and is better suited to those that have some experience of Yoga. ​ I have "Feetup" trainers in Solihull Yoga room that can be incorporated our Yoga practice. These upside down trainers are a fun and innovative Yoga prop that make inversions safe and easy. We can weave these yoga props into our Hatha and Yoga flow practice to create a more challenging and interesting style of practice. ​ Modifications are provided throughout that allow you to work at your own pace, we are all on our own personal yoga journey with different levels of flexibility, there is no" right or wrong" or expectations with this practice.

I would suggest Hatha Yoga a great starting point when beginning a Yoga journey.

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