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Personalised coaching tailored to suit you and your individual goals.

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One to One Coaching 


Equestrian Coaching

One to One work with me allows me to individualise each experience to meet the needs of the individual and comes with many benefits:

  • Relax in your own space enjoying a dedicated practice suited your individual interests and goals.  

  • Opportunities to focus on alignment with sympathetic adjustments to ensure you are finding your unique edge of a pose and are practising safely.

  • As a Health Professional I'm happy to talk to and work alongside your health professional to enhance recovery from any recent injuries or illness.

  • Time for conversations about general wellbeing, I am Level 2 Counselling qualified and am a good listener if you want to talk about anything in a safe, non judgemental, confidential space.  

  • I am qualified in Sports psychology to coach you into a positive mindset for success if you are preparing for an event. 

My training incorporates a body reset, we locate and switch off unnecessary muscles that can create imbalance in the body and saddle, this allows us to create a blank canvas to build a strong and balanced core.


Pilates exercises to help you find and build your powerhouse of deep core muscles for a strong, supportive and balanced ride.


Flexibility for suppleness through Yoga to work in synergy with your horses movements and stay balanced in the saddle.


Mindset techniques that help you tap into your parasympathetic nervous system to keep you emotionally regulated throughout training and competition. 


My Sports Psychology techniques include: positive reflection, self appreciation, imagery and visualisation, reframing thoughts to eliminate negative thought patterns, and simple repetitive exercises that teach you how focus on your future wins. 

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