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Solihull Yoga

Tidbury Green

A new approach to health through the ancient practice of Yoga

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Hi, I’m Alice

Certified Yoga Teacher 

Yoga Therapist and 

Health Professional

For the body, I coach individuals through a full range of movement whatever age, shape or flexibility through Yoga.

For the mind, I coach Meditation, IRest Yoga Nidra and Breathwork, all of which quieten the mind and soothe the pressures of todays life.  I integrate the ancient practice of Sound Therapy into my teachings using vibrational therapeutic frequencies to calm and balance the body at a cellular level. 


My holistic approach encourages a strong mind body connection for physical and emotional optimal health.

Yoga Pose

Yoga for Health

How can Yoga help improve my health?

Regularly moving through a full range of movement increases flexibility and encourages the bones, ligaments and joints to remain healthy and nourished. 


A full range of movement and good posture can help you with confidence as you move around easier easier in daily life.  


As your balance improves you can overcome physical challenges encouraging a sense of stability and accomplishment, physical balance also helps maintain good concentration with daily tasks.

Meditation can help you tap into your parasympathetic nervous system to manage stress and/or any stressful situations, a balanced nervous system helps you stay emotionally regulated when things arise.


Yoga releases tension from the mind and body, promoting both physical and emotional balance, this creates an internal environment for optimal health and healing. 


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